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COVID will leave but electrostatic spraying is here to stay

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Our electrostatic spraying business has focused on eliminating COVID-19, but we are greatly looking forward to the day when all we do is share information on the many other uses for this sanitizing technology.

That day is coming soon! We are excited about the vaccine and the promise of virus-free days in the new year. We want our kids to return to school, sports, outings with friends, internships, extracurriculars and so much more. We want family visits, celebrations and adventures. We're looking forward to college visits with our girls, hanging with our friends and recognizing our 50th birthdays with a trip (any kind will do!).

Three years ago The truth is our interest in an electrostatic spraying business formed before the pandemic, three years ago. We were inspired by our relative, Chris MacNamara, who successfully launched Mac's Ozone in Charleston, South Carolina to initially eradicate viruses and bacteria in gyms and sporting equipment but expanded to serve restaurants, medical facilities and businesses of all kinds (read his story).

With full-time jobs, three children and two dogs, we never got down to South Carolina to explore the idea. However in March 2020, we took action, and with Mac's Ozone's help, successfully began to respond to the pandemic.

Better sanitizing here to stay

The pandemic has taught us that we can respond faster and more efficiently when viruses, such as Norovirus and flu break out. The new normal will be about applying the better sanitization technology we've used during the pandemic at large group events. We can better help people who are immunosuppressed have safe areas to live, work and recreate. We also believe there will be a new vigilance and standard of health and safety during flu and cold season.

Now that we know about better sanitizing, we can all do better. Please keep ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions in mind as you plan for the future. Think weddings, graduations, concerts - and all kinds of events. Better days are ahead!

Thanks for all of your support.

Stay safe and healthy!

Carrie and Derek

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