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ESTAT making a difference, what ESTAT customers are saying

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Hope your new year is off to a healthy start and it continues. We feel good that the electrostatic spray service we provide is making a difference in eradicating COVID-19, flu and other viruses and bacteria in our customers' homes, vehicles and businesses. Please see the feedback we're receiving and know we're here if you need us: ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions, Massachusetts: 413.265.8643.

Thank you for the feedback, everyone!

“Mr. Wattu was prompt, professional and kind. Prices were affordable to sanitize my home and gave me peace of mind that COVID-19 no longer lives here (or any other virus or harmful bacteria).Highly recommend ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions and am very grateful for the Wattus! One less thing to worry about!” - Felicia Neeley, Clinton, MA

“They showed up within hours and were very thorough and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend them!” - Danielle Sivert, West Boylston, MA

“Thank you to ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions for being there for us.” - The Mill at 185, West Boylston, MA

“Thank you ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions for using the latest technology to help keep everyone safe!!” - Dr. Tony Saito, West Boylston, MA

Easy! Fast! Effective! Great technology solution for today's ‘new normal’- will use them again.” - Joe Formosa, ILOVEKICKBOXING, West Boylston, MA

“Thank you for helping us keep our kids and staff safe.” - Boys & Girls Club of Worcester, MA

“This company is amazing!” - Nicole Nelson, Clinton, MA

“Just had our home sanitized in preparation of our ‘AJ Staycation’ week of babysitting our 3-month-old grandson. Thanks to Derek and Carrie for this quick, affordable, and safe solution! Highly recommend with 5 stars!” - Victoria Waterman, Rhode Island

“We'd like to give a shout out to ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions. ESTAT uses advanced electrostatic technology/to safely, effectively and quickly sanitize our bar & restaurant. We thank them for keeping all of us safe.” - Ladd’s Restaurant, Rutland, MA

“We have partnered with ESTAT. For your health and safety, we take every step possible to sanitize and disinfect all of our funeral homes. It’s quick, affordable and effective.” - Callahan, Fay, Caswell & Lindquist Life Celebration Home, Worcester, MA

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