• Carrie Wattu, owner ESTAT Sanitizing Solutions

Can't I sanitize myself? Why do I need electrostatic spraying?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

You can use sprays, wipes, mops and buckets to sanitize against viruses and bacteria. The issues are coverage, time and chemicals.

It takes human hands hours to reach all surfaces, and it's impossible to reach every nook and cranny, every time. Traditional methods leave up to 80% of the area untreated while exposing people to harsh chemicals such as bleach.

The vigilance needed to combat COVID-19, flu and other viruses and bacteria is a daunting task.

EPA-approved electrostatic spraying uses a atomically charged solution that actively seeks every negatively charged surface. This means our non-toxic disinfectant is attracted to every inch of surface in places where a person can't reach. And it does not take hours. We can thoroughly and effectively sanitize and disinfect entire businesses in 10 to 30 minutes.

Let us help you quickly and completely eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Carrie and Derek



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